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Meet Dr. Sean Pastuch, a chiropractor, strength coach, and owner of Performance Care.

In 2015 Dr. Pastuch successfully transformed his business to reach remote clientele. Fitbot is a huge factor in that transformation.

“With Fitbot, our patients feel the professionalism through the screen.”

Before Fitbot

Time is the most expensive commodity. Before Fitbot, Dr. Pastuch’s processes and methods were simply taking way too much time. Spreadsheets, emails, and linked videos were both inefficient and unprofessional, which resulted in unhappy patients and stunted growth. Fitbot revolutionized Performance Care’s systems and became the catalyst for rapid expansion.

Solving Problems

Fitbot helped Dr. Pastuch redesign his systems to provide better patient care, become more professional, and increase efficiency. Patients feel this with every interaction within the Fitbot interface. Both staff and patients comment that Performance Care feels like a larger, more professional, more established practice because of how well Fitbot is integrated.

Medically, no one is offering rehab and "prehab" care like Dr. Pastuch and his staff, and now the service and administrative components of the practice are on the same level. Dr. Pastuch is passionate about starting a movement in in health and fitness, and recognizes the value of Fitbot to that end.

“Our level of service and professionalism is exponentially better with Fitbot.”

"If you want to run a successful, professional business you need to be on Fitbot. When a service like this exists and you don't utilize it, you devalue your business."

Invest In Fitbot

In this business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while, there are lots of costs; lots of things you have to spend time and money on. Then there are a few things that you choose to spend time and money on; these are the things you invest in.

Fitbot is without question one of these investments. If you want to run a successful, professional business, you need to be on Fitbot. When a service like this exists and you don’t utilize it, you devalue your business. Fitbot isn’t a cost, it’s an investment—you owe it to yourself, and to your patients to make the commitment to Fitbot.