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Meet Dane DeLozier, a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer who owns Revo Physiotherapy and Sports Performance.

Revo is a unique company that blends physical therapy, sports performance training and a sports science lab in one building.

Revo PT History

Dane DeLozier’s health and fitness story began as a collegiate football player. He suffered more than his share of injuries and found himself constantly rehabbing from injury. That sparked an interest in health and fitness which led to an undergraduate Athletic Training degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

After graduation, Dane worked in the university setting following graduation but was still thirsty for more knowledge. Dane received his doctorate in Physical Therapy and worked all over the Western US before settling in Boulder, Colorado. He landed a job at a renowned sports medicine clinic practicing as a Physical Therapist. Dane then decided he wanted to strike out on his own with a unique blend of physiology and technology and Revo PT was born.

Technology Matters

Traditionally home exercise programs in the PT world are scribbled on a sheet of paper. Some programs use a basic set of exercises printed out for patients. The problem is virtually all of that loose paper gets lost, or patients just stop caring. To combat this, Revo PT created branded videos as part of their home exercise prescriptions. Using Fitbot made that process incredibly easy and was a huge benefit to Revo PT clients. Additionally, Revo PT trains athletes remotely and uses Fitbot to replace Google Docs and emailed spreadsheets.

Fitbot helps Revo PT bring even more value to their patients especially for those who receive care remotely. Having a platform with an amazing user experience combined with Revo’s videos is a huge win. Without Fitbot Revo PT would be stuck distributing paper handouts and altering programs in a spreadsheet for hours a week. Fitbot saves Revo PT so much time.

“Programming on the Fitbot platform could not be easier.”

"You can't pass up an opportunity like Fitbot. Your clients will thank you and you'll have more time to grow your business.”

Growing With Fitbot

As RevoPT grows and adds more therapists and trainers they will lean on Fitbot as an efficiency measure and a client benefit. Having access to all of of their rehab and training protocols at the click of a mouse will be a huge advantage as they scale.