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Meet James Fitzgerald, founder of OPEX Fitness and champion of the 2007 Crossfit Games.

OPEX coaches can now properly work with 10-20% more clients each month since implementing Fitbot. It has been a very beneficial system to put in place for OPEX.

“Fitbot continues to add the 'sizzle' but it has been all 'steak' since day one.”

OPEX History

OPEX is a fitness education company at heart. OPEX works one-on-one with clients who take their fitness seriously. The company also offers coaching education through their CCP Program as well as OPEX Gym Licensing for coaches who want to own and coach in professional fitness facilities. James Fitzgerald began OPEX (formerly OPT) in 1999 in Calgary, Canada. He was a high level athlete until a vicious injury cut his sporting days shorter than he had hoped. Because he highly valued learning and loved to better his own fitness, he got into the fitness industry and never turned back.

His future took a fast turn when he emerged as the champion of the 2007 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California. James was the innovator of remote coaching before anybody in the industry was even thinking about it. He parlayed that into an in person and virtual Coaching Education Program that took him to Arizona where he continued to build out a first rate coaching team and staff who has helped to grow OPEX into an all encompassing fitness company around the globe.

The Fitbot Solution

OPEX faced countless challenges as a pioneer in remote coaching. Interacting with clients was hard before Skype and Google Hangouts but the biggest challenge was progamming workouts effectively. Sharing workouts with clients, and reviewing results was next to impossible. OPEX has thousands of clients and they realized they needed a better solution.

Fitbot helped solve OPEX coachs' biggest issue: efficiency of programming. No matter how great a platform seems on the surface, if it can't increase efficiency it isn't worth the bells and whistles. Fitbot continues to add the "sizzle" but it has been all "steak" since day one. There will always be business challenges but Fitbot is helping to solve an awfully large one.

“Fitbot will absolutely help you play a higher level game in fitness.”

"Our coaches and clients expect the best from OPEX and Fitbot is an integral part of what we offer them.”

Achieving Goals With Fitbot

OPEX has plans to grow their client base and expand to hundreds of OPEX Gyms around the world. These locations will absolutely utilize Fitbot because of the power of the Fitbot platform.

The most important word in fitness is metrics, metrics, metrics. You have to track what is happening both inside of your business as well as with your client's fitness and health results. If you are working through email or spreadsheets (yep, Google Docs included) you are falling behind fast.