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Meet Matt Reynolds, an elite weightlifter, gym owner, and now remote coach.

Matt knows his stuff. After selling the largest strength gym in the US, he pursued online coaching. Fitbot has dramatically changed his business and helped launch a new era of scalability.

“Fitbot has made an enormous difference in my business.”

A Scalable Solution

After successfully transitioning to online coaching, Matt was overwhelmed mostly because of the incredible response from his clients. The desperate need for quality online strength coaching became apparent early on. Unfortunately, like most online coaches, Matt was using tedious and inefficient spreadsheets for programming, and was drowning in over 150 client emails per day that needed a response (many needing detailed video breakdowns of exercises and other questions).

If this business model was going to work, Matt needed to put systems in place so clients never slipped through the cracks. He desperately needed a scalable, streamlined approach for coach/client communication, programming delivery, video breakdown, and customer service.

That solution was Fitbot. The Fitbot platform allows for timely, organized communication that works far better than email, while also building a mutually supportive community. Matt also added a hand-picked team of quality coaches and staff to help with video breakdown and client needs, and organized their behind-the-scenes staff collaboration to maximize efficiency without cumbersome email chains.

"Quite simply, Fitbot allowed my business to scale. Without Fitbot, there is no way I’d be able to grow. Fitbot is the single best decision we’ve made in our company in regards to technology and platform usage. We couldn’t be happier.”

The Future Of Online Coaching

Fitbot has made an enormous difference in Matt's business. He spent about the same time programming for over 100 personal clients as he did with 35 or 40 WITHOUT Fitbot. Very simply, Fitbot allowed his business to SCALE. Without it, there was no way he'd be able to grow past 50 or 60 clients.

Fitbot allows Matt to seamlessly assign our new clients to their personal coach. It also allows his coaches to spend more coaching time WITH their clients, instead of doing countless hours of admin work.