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Marcus Filly is a 6-time Crossfit Games athlete and sought-after personal coach.

Fitbot has changed the way Marcus manages his clients. His efficiency and professionalism has skyrocketed since implementing Fitbot.

“Fitbot has allowed me to make a massive leap in efficiency.”

Before Fitbot

Marcus Filly is an accomplished Crossfit athlete and operates a personal coaching business that focuses on individual coaching plans for athletes and general wellness clients. About 95% of Marcus’ business is remote coaching and 5% of the business is on-site private training.

Prior to implementing Fitbot as his primary coaching platform, Marcus encountered organizational problems and information delivery issues. Keeping individual programs in an organized and accessible place was challenging. Like so many coaches, Marcus resorted to using spreadsheets and Google Docs.

This system ‘worked,’ but information loss and a lack of professionalism became the norm. Marcus began using email as a primary communication tool but emailing programs to each client every week was incredibly time consuming. Additionally, Marcus lamented that there wasn’t a good way to receive client feedback and apply it in a seamless way to their programs.

Financial Impact

Marcus lost valuable time trying to stay on top of the myriad of ‘solutions’ to these issues. Marcus’ business grew rapidly which was both a blessing and a curse. Because his systems of providing services were not efficient, he couldn’t add additional clients, and could barely serve his current client list.

This created a significant financial barrier that was hard to overcome. How do you scale a business that is so reliant on time and service? Marcus realized he had to become more efficient and do so quickly. It wasn’t just a convenience to add a solution like Fitbot, it directly affected Marcus’ bottom line.

“My clients are receiving intrinsicly better service and training because of Fitbot.”

“Not only does Fitbot solve many problems with my current clients, it allows me to think bigger and add unique services and features that will help my business grow.”

The Benefits Of Fitbot

Marcus is infinitely more effective in coaching his clients. Fitbot enables quality programming, provides relevant feedback that can be quickly acted upon, and centralizes operations which saves time and money.

Quantitatively, Marcus can scale his business. Since implementing Fitbot, he has added more clients to his roster without any drop in service. Clients are receiving better programming and more personalized connections through the platform. Marcus can bring new coaches into his network and get them up to speed faster than ever.

It can be overwhelming to wear all the business hats in a remote coaching business. There just aren’t many efficient systems that help automate administration so you can get back to training your clients. Fitbot not only solves most of these problems, the platform adds so much value to the coaching experience. Fitbot helps trainers like Marcus be more efficient and professional, and that combination is a pure win.