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Design, Deliver and Track Your Clients' Workouts Completely Online

The Old Way

You spend 80% of your time answering emails or texts and only 20% of your time actually programming your clients. The phone calls, the emails, the spreadsheets, constantly having to nag your clients for their results — this isn’t the way to run a successful coaching business. What if there was a solution that helped you focus less on admin work and more on what mattered? Fitbot is your answer.

The Fitbot Way

Fitbot does all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your clients. You can create individualized workouts, communicate with your clients, and track & visualize progress all from the comfort of your browser. No more living in email & spreadsheet hell — Fitbot helps you reach your goals and your clients’ goals.

Fitbot Helps You

Save Time

Say goodbye to lost emails, text messages, deleted voicemails, and loose sheets of paper. Fitbot provides everything you need to train your clients in one app.

Earn More Revenue

Fitbot opens up several new revenue streams. In addition to working with your clients in person, use Fitbot to train remote clients and supplement workouts during the week.

Train Smarter

Fitbot helps you stay organized, track client progress, graph workout history, and increase client retention. More engaged clients means healthier, happier clients.


  • Client Management
  • Workout Builder
  • Workout Templates
  • Automated Emails
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Real Time Messaging
  • Progress Tracking
  • Exercise Library
  • Team Accounts
  • Custom Theming
  • Payments Coming Soon
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The Best User Experience For Your Clients

Easy Workout Logging

Your clients can easily log workouts, post questions to you, watch exercise demo videos, and track their workout history over time.

Real Time Messaging

Your clients can get in touch with you in real time. No more fielding emails, text messages, and facebook messages. Everything lives in Fitbot.

Track & Visualize Progress

Change happens one deadlift, one squat, one pullup at a time. Fitbot tracks all of your clients' data so you both can see the progress they're making over time.

Customized Notifications

Tell Fitbot how often you want to be notified of new activity. We'll keep you in the loop without bombarding your inbox.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here's what our customers have to say.

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OPEX Fitness Story


“Our coaches and clients expect the best from OPEX and Fitbot is an integral part of what we offer them.”

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"All of the coaches at OPEX use Fitbot and are having quality results from it."
James Fitzgerald
Matt Reynolds Story


"Quite simply, Fitbot allowed my business to scale. Without Fitbot, there is no way I’d be able to grow."

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“Fitbot allowed me to make a massive leap in efficiency.”

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Performance Care Fitbot Story


"Fitbot has increased our monthly revenue by over $55,000."

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"Working with spreadsheets we really only had the confidence to take on about seven or eight patients. Now with Fitbot, we are confident that fifty patients or more is a manageable population without losing any value to our clients. We also have seen an increased perceived value; our patients get to feel the professionalism through the screen."


"Fitbot saves me time and allows me to accept more and more new clients that I previously had to turn down!"

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Revo PT Story


"You can't pass up an opportunity like Fitbot. Your clients will thank you and you'll have more time to grow your business."

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OPEX Fitness Fitbot Story


“We have seen membership increase over 55% since we implemented Fitbot!”

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If Fitbot helps you train just one additional client, or saves you 15 minutes each week, it will more than pay for itself. Plus, you can try it for free with no obligation!

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