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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mobile app for clients? I can’t find it in the App Store or Google Play store.

Fitbot is easy to use on any device with a web browser. It's fully responsive and geared towards use while in the gym. We're planning to release native apps (iOS and Android) for clients later this year.

Can I pay month by month? What happens if I decide to upgrade or downgrade in the middle of the month?

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time you wish, and our billing platform (built on Stripe) will automatically handle pro-rating your next month’s payment.

Do my clients have to pay to use Fitbot?

No, Fitbot is 100% free for your clients.

How do team accounts work?

Team accounts are for organizations that want to use Fitbot with a team of coaches. They will have access to a consolidated library, programs, and a shared client pool. Super admins of the team will also have oversight into the training plans their employees are creating.

Is there a way for me to control how far out my client can see?

Yes, you can set default workout visibility options in your settings. If you want to tweak it on an individual client level, you can customize that as well.

Can I use Fitbot for group training?

We are currently focused on perfecting everything that goes into individualized training. If you’d like to send the same programs to multiple people, we suggest creating a reusable program and assigning it individually to clients you want following the same program (think copy and paste).

What is the difference between archived and active clients?

Archived clients don't count toward your client count for billing purposes. You’ll retain all data in case you decide to re-activate the client in the future. Archived clients are not able to log into the client app.

If I delete a client, do I control their workout data?

If you delete a client, everything gets wiped.

How many exercise videos do you have in library, and can I upload my own?

Fitbot provides 650 videos ready for your use and we're always adding more. You can also add any video that's on Youtube or Vimeo on the fly while creating workouts.

What nutrition features does Fitbot offer?

We provide the ability for trainers to set caloric and macro-nutrient goals for their clients and give clients the ability to log their actual numbers.

What is the difference between Assessments and Benchmarks?

Functionally they behave the same, but we recommend using assessments for things like ROM screens, body measurements, caliper tests, etc. Benchmarks are for performance related metrics, things like 1RM's, capacity related tests, etc.

How can I chart my clients’ progress?

When you input more than 1 datapoint on an assessment or benchmark, we’ll start charting the progress.

Is there a way to import spreadsheets from Google or Excel?

No, everybody has a different way of writing workouts, which makes automatic importing next to impossible. However, if you’d like us to help you get ramped-up and import your programs, reach out and we can help you get started!