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Meet Daniel Camargo, an elite Olympic Weightlifter and international coach.

"Fitbot is a huge time-saver, and as a result I've been able to accept a number of new clients that I would have previously turned down."

Camargo OLY Concepts

Camargo OLY Concepts is an Olympic Weightlifting training service providing education, training, and competitive opportunities at multiple locations. They specialize in teaching people how to move the barbell safely, efficiently, and with more comfort. Daniel Camargo has been involved with Olympic Weightlifting for 26 years as both elite athlete (9 years) and now international coach (17 years).

For several years, Camargo used handwritten forms of programming, or simply writing it up on a whiteboard. Needless to say, it was challenging and lacked professionalism. Camargo moved to Excel spreadsheets which really helped at the time, but keeping track hundreds of different files proved difficult. He had to resort to a handwritten log on his desk to keep track of everything.

"Fitbot saves me time and allows me to accept more and more new clients that I previously had to turn down!"

The Future Is With Fitbot

Camargo sees Fitbot becoming a single, one-stop application to manage all of his clients. He initially hesitated using an online application for programming, however the more clients he acquired, the more it made sense to use Fitbot and now he's glad he made the switch. His advice to other coaches - in order to grow and succeed, always be willing to try something new. Otherwise, you'll get left behind by others who are moving forward.