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Central Athlete is Austin’s premiere strength and conditioning center.

Fitbot has been instrumental in helping Central Athlete scale. Fitbot's platform is a key factor in hiring two new coaches and projected 80% growth in 2017.

"We have boosted revenue 42% year-over-year since implementing Fitbot."

Before Fitbot

Central Athlete offers remote and on-site one-on-one training using the latest and most effective strength and conditioning tools. They take an individualized approach to training and nutrition, and strive to provide every client with a comprehensive, data-driven, holistic program, with measurable results. Before implementing Fitbot, Central Athlete used a combination of Google Docs and email to create and manage their clients' workouts — this was less than ideal, and didn't meet Central Athlete's high professional standards.

Fitbot solved these issues and more with a simple user interface that tracks granular details about their clients. Since its implementation, Fitbot has directly contributed to revenue growth of 42% year-over-year.

Measurable Results

Fitbot has been instrumental in creating a professional and efficient experience for all of Central Athlete's clients. Since implementing Fitbot, the time required to create training programs has been reduced by 42%. Additionally, the Central Athlete coaching staff has seen a large increase in client accountability and workout completion.

"I don't endorse many products, but if you value results and you plan on growing your health or fitness business, you MUST be using Fitbot."

Fitbot Is The Future

Central Athlete's goal is simple - to continue as Austin's premiere individualized strength and conditioning center offering the most effective results-oriented approach. Fitbot is and will continue to be instrumental in helping Central Athlete scale.

Over the next 12 months Central Athlete anticipates hiring two additional coaches and projects an additional 78% membership growth in large part because of Fitbot. Fitbot's platform helps Central Athlete train new coaches, create effective training programs, and offer their clients an unprecedented level of service.