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Fitbot builds software that helps thousands of personal trainers and coaches in over 30 countries train their clients.

Are you passionate about fitness and software development? Interested in applying your skills, knowledge, and expertise to help build the future of individualized coaching? Come work with us at Fitbot HQ in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Fitbot HQ

Fitbot HQ is located in the heart of North Boulder. Work alongside the Fitbot team in one of America's happiest cities.

Our Story

Fitbot was founded in 2015 by Casey Jenks. Casey, a web developer and former gym owner, saw the need for a better way for coaches to provide and track individualized exericse and nutrition programs for thier clients. Casey brought Robbie onto the team later that year as a co-founder to help grow the company.

In 2016 the founding team was accepted into Techstars Chicago and in 2017 we relocated to Boulder, Colorado. Check out the full Fitbot origin story for more details about where we came from and where we're going.

The Product

Fitbot was built specifically for professional strength trainers and coaches. Unlike other products that focus on sending broad groups of athletes the same templated programming, we're focused on giving coaches the tools they need to efficiently write and deliver individualized programming.

We believe that great software should make people's lives easier - not more difficult. We've listened closely to our customers to inform and guide the development of Fitbot into a product that is now used by thousands of coaches and tens of thousands of clients in over 30 countries.

Here's what our customers have to say

OPEX Fitness Story


“Our coaches and clients expect the best from OPEX and Fitbot is an integral part of what we offer them.”

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"All of the coaches at OPEX use Fitbot and are having quality results from it."
James Fitzgerald
Matt Reynolds Story


"Quite simply, Fitbot allowed my business to scale. Without Fitbot, there is no way I’d be able to grow."

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“Fitbot allowed me to make a massive leap in efficiency.”

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Performance Care Fitbot Story


"Fitbot has increased our monthly revenue by over $55,000."

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"Working with spreadsheets we really only had the confidence to take on about seven or eight patients. Now with Fitbot, we are confident that fifty patients or more is a manageable population without losing any value to our clients. We also have seen an increased perceived value; our patients get to feel the professionalism through the screen."


"Fitbot saves me time and allows me to accept more and more new clients that I previously had to turn down!"

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Revo PT Story


"You can't pass up an opportunity like Fitbot. Your clients will thank you and you'll have more time to grow your business."

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OPEX Fitness Fitbot Story


“We have seen membership increase over 55% since we implemented Fitbot!”

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