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About Us

We're on a mission to help coaches save time, deliver a better experience for their clients, and grow their training businesses. We built Fitbot to enable 1-to-1 coaching that scales, freeing up time for coaches to get out of the gym and work on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

Unlike other products that focus on sending broad groups of athletes the same templated programming, Fitbot is laser-focused on giving coaches the tools they need to efficiently write and deliver personalized fitness programming for their clients.


Casey Jenks

Co-Founder and CEO

Robbie Jack

Co-Founder and CMO

Jack Forrest

Full-Stack Developer

Alex Ford

Full-Stack Developer

AJ Self

iOS Developer

Emilie Hester

Full-Stack Developer

Webb Henderson

Product Designer

Kate Brierley

Customer Success

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Fitbot comes with a free 2 week trial. You’ll be up and running in minutes - no credit card required, cancel any time. If you have any questions click the live-chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to chat with us directly or call us at 1-844-348-2681.